Pouyan Nasr: Masters (defended Winter 2016) 

Research Area:  

  • Study of conona poling conditions and the impact on second harmonic generation efficiency in multi-layered silica glass.  

Currently:SmartCone Technologies Inc, Ottawa, Canada

Seyed Hamed Jafari: PhD Candidate (will defend Spring 2019)

Research Area:  

  • Development of multi-layer silica fiber for efficient frequency doubling.

Current Members

Sondos Alqarni: PhD Candidate (will defend Fall 2018)

Salah A. Aljamimi: PhD Candidate (will defend summer/fall 2019)

Milad Dakka : Masters (defended Summer 2014) 

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Past Members

Research Area:  

  • Multi-layer silica based structures for efficient second order non-linear optical applications.  

Research Area:  

  • Theoretical study of second harmonic generation in multi-layer silica structures. 

Currently: Photonic device Test & Measurement engineer at Ciena,  Quebec City

Tahseen Haque:  Masters (defended Fall 2017)

Research Area:  

  • Hyperthermic treatment of cancer utilizing novel tilted fiber Bragg grating heater and thermometer. 
  • High temperature Stability of ultrafast laser induced fiber Bragg gratings. 

Research Area:  

  • Tilted fiber Bragg gratings for the efficient out-coupling of visible radiation.

Currently: International Research Scholar at Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing,  Adelaide, Australia